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Behind the Hayley Paige for Hearts On Fire designs

The Sloane Style

Clean, simple lines meet striking silhouettes 

Inspired by Hayley’s Sloane wedding gown, our Sloane Engagement Ring and matching bands were designed for the timeless beauty who loves to sparkle. We imagine her reading the Sunday paper, listening to classic love songs, and buying fresh flowers just because. 

These minimalist yet oh-so-romantic rings put our perfectly cut diamonds front and center, while thoughtful details bring the dazzle. The Sloane style is all about effortless refinement in every way. 

Hayley Paige Sloane Dress and Ring Sketch

Sloane Silhouette Engagement Ring Diamond Band

Inspired by the timeless beauty. She is a bit more minimalist, but that does not mean she is not romantic. She is oh so fanciful when it comes to stacking her sparkle.

The Harley Style

Daring, fearless, and brilliantly bold

Inspired by Hayley’s Harley wedding gown, these rings are perfect for the eccentric beauty with unshakeable confidence and a love of all things dazzling. She’s most likely to be found at her local music festival, rocking a leather jacket with a tulle skirt and making the rules up as she goes. 

Likewise, these ultra-explosive rings defy convention, bringing a cool unexpected vibe that infuses any look with a supernova of sparkle.
Hayley Paige Harley Dress and Ring Sketch

Harley Wrap Engagement Ring With Sapphires

You’d likely find her at a music festival rocking a leather jacket with a frilly tool skirt and probably combat boots, that are studded. 

The Behati Style

Bohemian with an elevated twist

Inspired by Hayley’s Behati wedding gown, our Behati rings were made for the free spirit with a regal radiance all her own. Her idea of a perfect day? Road-tripping with the windows down through fields of wildflowers, hunting for shimmering vintage finds. 

The Behati rings have an ornate, one-of-a-kind feel, and playful geometric shapes show our perfectly cut diamonds in an imaginative new light.
Hayley Paige Behati Dress and Ring Sketch

Behati Say It Your Way Oval Engagement Ring

Inspired by a free spirit. Whimsical and eclectic! 

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