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Diamond Carat FAQs

Did you know? Diamond carat is not synonymous with size! A diamond’s carat size refers to its weight, which may or may not correlate with its size. 

For example: A diamond with a high carat weight and a poor cut ends up looking far smaller than a diamond with a smaller carat weight and a superior cut. 

At Hearts On Fire, we cut for beauty and sparkle, never for carat weight alone. Some diamond brands cut their gems to maximize carat weight, and often this results in a stone with light leaking out the sides, and low light reflection overall. 
cut of a diamond affects the size appearance

Tips To Maximize Sparkle

Buy “Low”

To get the largest diamond possible while remaining within your budget, consider buying diamonds with carat weights slightly below the whole and half carat marks. A .9 carat diamond, for example, will cost far less than a 1.0 carat, and the difference in size is negligible. 
Carat weight from .23 to 3.0

Add Accent Diamonds

Center diamonds with diamond halos look almost twice their size. Add a diamond band for even more sparkle.

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