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Gifts For Milestone Birthdays

Any birthday is reason enough to celebrate, but there’s something special about milestone birthdays. Below, our diamond jewelry gift ideas for six milestone birthdays you shouldn’t miss.

Sixteenth Birthday

Even better than a driver’s license for a girl who just turned sixteen? Diamonds, of course. We suggest purchasing something small, stylish, and fun. 



The first official marker of adulthood is best celebrated with some sparkling wine…and sparkling jewelry. Opt for earrings, a necklace, or even a bangle—a classic, foundational piece that she can wear every day as she begins to build out her jewelry collection.



Mark this milestone birthday with something versatile—a design that transitions perfectly from day-to-night, and from the board meeting to after-work drinks. Think right-hand rings in every style—a mark of her independence, ambition, and bright future.



We all know that forty is the new thirty. To celebrate this birthday, go for something that packs a punch. At forty, this birthday girl knows what she likes—so choose something that speaks to her personal style.



A special birthday she’ll remember forever, play to her sentimental side with something symbolic—a 5-stone band representing the five members of her family, or a design that represents an accomplishment she’s proud of. 



It’s safe to say you can go all out for a seventy-fifth birthday. Go for something bold, diamond-intensive, and unique—celebrate with jewelry she’ll love looking at day after day, and something that will remind her of all the people who love her.


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